Robert Ripley was an artist and a reporter, an explorer and a collector. The stroies he gathered would later appear in his popular Believe It or Not!® cartoons. Today, the cartoons are still enjoyed by millions of readers around the world and appear in over 200 newspapers.

Ripley's early cartoons, a collection of oddities found on his journeys, were first published in book form by Simon & Schuster, Inc., in 1929. "Believe It or Not"® sold over half a million copies and was on the best seller list for months. Today, if all the Believe It or Not® books ever published were stacked one upon the other, the total number of books sold would be over 100 times as tall as the Empire State Building! Believe It or Not!

Unfortunately, the original series are no longer available. Simon & Schuster, Inc., will not reissue these books, and, therefore, they are very difficult to find. Some may be found at second-hand book stores.

Below is a list of available books and videos of Robert Ripley and his adventures, including the "Life and Times of Robert Ripley" (shown on the TBS channel) which contains actual footage of Robert Ripley and some of his findings, as well as re-creations of many of the Believe it or Nots he found.


Strange Coincidences
Amazing but true stories about: The plane that flew into a fish; messages in bottles; the drowning man who was saved by the sea; among others.
Price: $3.50 (plus tax & handling)
Weird Inventions & Discoveries
Amazing but true stories about: A real flying saucer; the dogmobile; the gun that shoots around corners; the eyeball massager; among others.
Price: $3.50 (plus tax & handling)
Wild Animals
Amazing but true stories about: The "Real" King Kong; fish that can stand on their heads; the world's largest rodent; the bird that can fly backwards; among others.
Price: $3.50 (plus tax & handling)
Odd Places
Amazing but true stories about: The upside down hotel; the Star Trek community of North Carolina; the leaning tower of Japan; a truck bridge made from paper; among others..
Price: $3.50 (plus tax & handling)
Reptiles, Lizards and Prehistoric Beasts
Amazing but true stories about: The frog that's a ventriloquist; snakes that hear with their tongues; giant crocodiles the size of a car; the lizard that walks on water; among others.
Price: $3.50 (plus tax & handling)
Great and Strange Works of Man
Amazing but true stories about: A robotic device to assist in surgery; the world's largest aircraft; a hotel constructed inside of a cave; a six story pyramid; among others.
Price: $3.50 (plus tax & handling)
Dear Mr. Ripley
A compendium of "curioddities" from the Believe It or Not® archives containing photographs of many of the unusual people and animals that Robert Ripley met. This book is 203 pages long and is a "coffee table" type book measuring 8 1/2" x 11".
Price: $19.98 (plus tax & handling)
The Red (Elephant/Ravette) book
An 8 1/2" x 11" sized book published in England. This book contains a terrific collection of over 350 color cartoons on 125 pages.
Price: $8.95 (plus tax and handling)


The Incredible Life and Times of Robert Ripley
For years the name Robert Ripley has been synonymous with headline-grabbing tales of the bizarre, the fantastic, and the incredible. Now this exciting and colorful showman has been brought back to life by the amazing talents of Richard Portnow (Radio Days) and Jason Marsden (Mr. Saturday Night). Robert Ripley traveled the world to find the man who smokes a pipe with his eye, a man who eats live mice, the smoking chicken, and countless other outrageous oddities. This video has been shown as a TBS special three times on cable TV. Approx 95 min./Color.
Price: $10.98 (plus tax and handling)


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$2.00 per video

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