When packing for a trip to San Francisco be prepared for changing temperatures.
As a heavy fog rolls in through the Golden Gate a summer day may feel more like winter,
but that's just part of San Francisco's charm.

Winter · Mornings and evenings tend to be chilly. A warm overcoat and sweater are appropriate attire. The Bay Area sees most of its rainfall in the winter months which makes packing an umbrella a good idea.

Spring · The spring months in San Francisco are true to season. Linen and cotton clothing is ideal, however, pack a sweater or medium-weight jacket for likely temperature changes. In the spring, the flowers are in bloom and those prone to allergies should pack necessary medication.

Summer · Legend has it that Mark Twain once said the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco. Chilling morning and evening fog is common during summer months. Bring a sweater or a medium-weight jacket. You may encounter cool temperatures during a day on the bay, at Alcatraz or walking the bridge. Evenings are typically cool. Women should pack a blazer or dressy coat for a night out. Men will be comfortable in a sports jacket and long pants.
Note: If you intend to travel to neighboring counties north (Marin or Napa) or south (San Jose to Santa Cruz), pack typical summer clothing such as shorts and T-shirts.

Fall · The City sees its best weather in the fall from September to October. Temperatures are known to rise into the 70s and 80s, a "heat wave" by San Francisco standards. Remember that the bay is breezy and a medium-weight jacket is always a good idea whatever time of year you choose to visit.

High and Low San Francisco Daily Temperatures
January February March April May June
55-41°F 59-42°F 60-44°F 62-46°F 66-48°F 69-51°F
13-5°C 15-6°C 16-7°C 17-8°C 19-9°C 21-11°C
July August September October November December
69-51°F 69-53°F 73-51°F 69-50°F 64-44°F 57-42°F
21-11°C 21-12°C 23-11°C 21-10°C 18-7°C 14-6°C

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